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Restaurant Recipes
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Treat the family to their favorite restaurant recipes with your own home cooking. Copycat recipes can make a dinner at home seem like a night on the town.

With the tried and true 'secret recipes’ from Ron Douglas', America's Secret Recipes (volumes 1 and 2), it is easy to duplicate well-known meals from popular restaurants:

  • KFC
  • Applebee's
  • Olive Garden
  • Red Lobster
And many more cloned secret recipes from your favorite restaurants.

Good First Impression

It was the table of contents that gave the first indication that America's Secret Recipes are high quality digital products.

Hover your cursor over any copycat recipe to find a link directly to the page. Very convenient and no scrolling around to find what you want.

Famous Recipes

With well over 100 copycat recipes in each volume of America's Secret Recipes it can be tempting to start trying them at random.

The choice was easy for me. The taste treats from Mrs. Fields, her Peanut Butter Cookies in particular, are a familiar and memorable flavor. Debbi Fields and her husband started their flagship bakery in Palo Alto , California. This was in the late '70's when I had a small dental lab nearby.

I would bicycle to University Avenue to have lunch at one of the many delis, restaurants, sidewalk café's and coffee shops. After a great meal it was customary to stroll by the convenient sidewalk-window where you could get still-warm cookies, freshly baked by Debbi Fields.

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe.

Out of all the famous recipes offered in each volume this was the most familiar. The ingredients and procedures are basic and deliver a recognizable flavor.

Unfortunately they used a heart-stopping amount of butter and excessive amounts of sugar to achieve the Mrs. Fields clone. It was easy to cut the sugar in half, reduce and substitute some fat as well as use natural peanut butter to get comparable taste results that are more heart-friendly.

America's Secret Recipes Cookbook

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Restaurant Recipes!

Restaurant Recipes

The other meals I've tried do a fine job of cloning the flavor . . . and appearance . . . of the secret recipes used by your favorite restaurants and fast food chains.

These are not the only benefits of getting your own copies of the ebooks, America's Secret Recipes (volume 1 and 2). Along with the hundreds of copycat recipes you get FIVE bonus ebooks:

Comfort Foods - A thorough cookbook with 269 pages of comfort foods that feed the body and soul.

Diabetic Cookbook - 120 pages of tasty recipes that cater to the special needs of diabetics.

Kid's Recipes - Some meals just please kid's more than others. Here are 65 pages of fun and easy-to-prepare recipes that are sure to please the 'kid' in all of us.

Special Occasion Cookbook - Set out in a simple, soup-to-nuts manner are 120 pages of appetizer, beverage, entrée and dessert ideas.

Be a Grill Master - This is a treatise on how to grill, not a cookbook. The basics of grilling from building the fire to the secrets of searing.

Top Secret Recipe

The ebook format is very convenient. I print the particular restaurant recipe to try it out. If it is a 'keeper' then it goes into a three-ring binder pf famous recipes while the untested ones are stored, out of the way, on the hard drive.

All in all, the copycat recipes are excellent clones and it is fun to see everyone getting involved in the actual cooking process as well as eating the food that tastes like it's from their favorite restaurant's secret recipes.

Treat your loved ones to their most popular, "restaurant recipes", with your own home cooked meals from America's Secret Recipes.

America's Secret Recipes Cookbooks


This review of the ebook, America's Secret Recipes, was written by Grumpy. He is the master chef and baker of the worlds most exclusive restaurant, Bitchy and Grumpy's Garden Café.

Bitchy and Grumpy's Garden Café customers are invitation-only. It is so exclusive that no celebrity or head of state has ever been invited to dine on the incomparable fare.

You might be wondering why someone in such a lofty position takes second place in the restaurants name. Ponder his partner's name and you do the math.

This is a Grumpy Review.

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