Secret Recipes Cookbook

Nana Jenn and Family

That's me, second from left and my children. Nicole, Daniel, Alan and Ryan. We are a family that loves to cook and eat.

When my kids were young and in school, they would come home and ask me what I was cooking for dinner. And my reply sometimes would be, "I haven't named it yet." With great sighs, they would exclaim, "Mom's experimenting again." But alas, they would always love my new creations. And as most kids, they loved to help me in the kitchen.

I have loads of recipes and cookbooks that I have collected over the years. Some are from my home economics class in high. The pages are quite faded but the recipes are still delicious.

My grandmother (known to all as Mamaw Bernice) raised me. We lived in a rural community. We had a garden and fruit trees and I can remember helping her can fruits and vegetables during harvest time. She was an excellent cook and cooked like all country folks, with lots of butter, lard and just plain cook down home cooking. She could whip up loaves of homemade bread with no effort. This is one area of cooking that I still haven't been able to perfect. Maybe I should say make edible! Give me vegetables, pasta, rice, or any type of meat and I can fix a mean meal. But baking a good loaf of bread as eluded me and still does. But that's okay, because thank goodness for me, someone else in my home is an excellent baker of bread. And that would be...

Scott (or padre art, as I will refer to him.) He's the baker of bread in our house. I wake some mornings to the pounding of dough and I know that sometime later that day I will be having a slice of homemade bread, warm and delicious. Whatever he does to his bread to make it so delicious is a mystery to me. I WILL try my hand at it again someday. But right now, I'll just enjoy his.

As I mentioned before, my whole family loves to cook. And this has carried over to my grandchildren. I sure love those two boys, Payton, age 6 and Colton, age 2. Payton loves to help his mom, my daughter Nicole, in the kitchen. And Colton loves to eat.

Nicole and Payton baking biscuits...


Colton eating his first spaghetti....

As all families, mine has grown with the addition of two daughters-in-law. And I hope to continue the love of cooking that was instilled in me by the Mamaw Bernice to my children and their growing families.

My son Ryan and Alison

and my Marine son, Alan and Sarah....

We might be a motley crew but we love being together and eating and cooking.